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New WFM7200 Waveform Monitor and WVR7200 Rasterizer provide content quality verification and precision adjustments while achieving artistic excellence

The Tektronix WFM7200 waveform monitor and WVR7200 rasterizer help content providers verify the quality of video content and make precision adjustments that reduce the potential for gamut errors during the editing and format conversion process, effectively preventing client dissatisfaction and the need for costly rework. Advanced color gamut monitoring including Tektronix patented Luma Qualified Vector (LQV) and Spearhead gamut displays which, when work in conjunction with Diamond gamut display, provide the most comprehensive color gamut monitoring tool for precise color gamut adjustments. Both the WFM7200 and the WVR7200 support an extensive list of Dual Link signal formats as standard capability and have field upgradeable options to add support for high frame rate (1080P 50/60) formats and 3D formats. Learn More