Why can't my WFM700 decode closed captions?


Why can't my WFM700 decode closed captions?


The WFM700 introduced closed caption decode support for EIA 608 and 608 in a 708 wrapper (also called 608(708)) as of version 3.0 of the instrument firmware. If your WFM700 is unable to decode closed captions then it could likely be for one of two reasons:

1) The closed captions are fully EIA 708 formatted which is not supported by the WFM700 series.

2) Your WFM700 is running a version of firmware older than v3.0. You can check the version of firmware you are currently running by pressing the "Help" button and then touching "System Info". The firmware upgrade is available as a free download from the Tektronix website.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product: WFM700A, WFM700HD, WFM700M

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