Where can I download the MPS430 signals and Arduino Code for the Arduino Courseware Labs?


Where can I download the MPS430 signals and Arduino Code for the MSP430 and Arduino Courseware Labs?


If you have tried downloading the Arduino or MPS430 Courseware Labs for the TBS1000B-EDU you may have noticed that the Arduino code is missing from the downloads for the individual labs. To get the Arduino code you will need to download the full Arduino Course Package. You can find a copy of that package at the following link. To get the MPS430 Lanuchpad board signals use the other link below.

Learn Digital Oscilloscope Operations using Arduino Board as DUT (Signal Generator)

The Arduino package contains all the Arduino Labs in a single download along with the related Arduino code. These labs have already been packaged into a Courseware package that is ready for upload to the TSB1000B-EDU scope so there is no need to use the Course Editor software to package them yourself.


The project files are .ino files. In order to import a .ino file into CCS, follow this guide: http://energia.nu/guide/import-energia-sketch-to-ccsv6/  Step 0,1 and 2.

Once the code is imported into CCS, flash it onto the MPS430 by pressing Debug. After Debug completes, run the code on the MPS430 by pressing Resume. 

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