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What probes are supported on the RF input of the MDO3000 and MDO4000 series?


What probes are supported on the RF input of the MDO3000 and MDO4000 series?


The RF input on the MDO3000 and MDO4000 series has an N connector, so the RF input can support cables, antennas, and other adapters typically used with a spectrum analyzer.  The RF input is 50 ohms and it is AC coupled.  Below is a listing of some of Tektronix probes that can be used on the RF input and if an adapter is required.

1) With a N to BNC adapter you can use the following probes:

  • CT1
  • CT2
  • CT6
  • P6150
  • P6158

2) With a N to SMA adapter you can use the following probe:

  • P6150

3) With a TPA-N-VPI1 adapter, you can use the following VPI probes:

  • TAP1500
  • TAP2500
  • TAP3500
  • TDP0500
  • TDP1000
  • TDP1500
  • TDP3500

4) With a TPA-N-VPI1 adapter and a TPA-BNC2 you can also use the following Level II TekProbe™ probes:

  • P6205
  • P6243
  • P6245
  • P6246
  • P6247
  • P6248
  • P6249
  • P6251
  • TCP202

Also available from Tektronix for the MDO3000 and MDO4000 Series RF input:

1Note: The TPA-N-VPI Adapter accepts probes with BNC, Level I TekProbe™, and TekVPI™ outputs and allows you to use them on your MDO3000 or MDO4000 N-type RF input connector.

2 Note: Adding a TPA-BNC adapter to the TPA-N-VPI will allow use of  various Level II TekProbe™ probes.

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