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What is the maximum digital channel record length for an MSO5000 Series oscilloscope?


What is the maximum digital channel record length for an MSO5000 Series oscilloscope?


The maximum digital channel record length is 40 Mpoints. The actual digital channel record length depends upon many parameters:

  1. The memory option must support desired record length. Therefore, to get 40M digital record length, the instrument will need option 5RL or 10RL installed.
  2. For logical MSO operation, the horizontal time window for the analog and digital signals must match, and you want the analog and digital waveforms to fill the screen horizontally.
  3. Select Manual Horizontal mode so you can directly control Sample Rate and Record Length.
  4. The analog sample rate must be an integer multiple of the digital sample rate. Since the maximum main digital sample rate is 500 MS/s, the simplest case is where the analog sample rate is also 500 MS/s. (Digital timing resolution is 2 ns.)
  5. The maximum digital record length is 40M. Since this is not a standard analog-channel record length value, you need to select it by double-clicking on the Record Length text box and entering 40M. If you use only the up and down arrow buttons, the maximum digital record length appears to be 25M.

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