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What information is required from the customer for a VM700A "Turbo" or VM700T upgrade.


What information is required from the customer for a VM700A "Turbo" or VM700T upgrade.


You should be prepared with the following minimum information.
  • A- Instrument Nomenclature (VM700A "Turbo" or VM700T)
  • B- Serial Number (printed on a tag affixed to the rear panel, near bottom center).
  • C- List of existing installed options.
  • D- List of options or descriptions you want to add.
  • E- The Tektronix ID number (an electronic number in one of the configuration screens).
  • F- The current option key letter sequence that is in the instrument.

Information for items C, E and F (above) can be obtained by using the following process.

  1. Power the unit up and let it fully complete its diagnostics, etc.
  2. Press the Configure button (right hand front panel). A new menu appears. In the larger box, center screen, the current options are displayed.
    Write this information down for item C.
  3. On the screen, lower right, touch the rectangle that reads Option Key. Another new menu appears.
  4. At the top of this screen, the first line of text will give the Tektronix ID number (8 characters, alpha-numeric).
    Write this information down for Item E.
  5. The third line of text on this same screen will give the Current Option Key Number. This one is 12 alpha characters in the form of xxxx-yyyy-zzzz.
    Write this information down for item F.

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