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What documentation is available to more thoroughly describe VClips stream content?


What documentation is available to more thoroughly describe VClips stream content?


The User download sample documents on the Tek web site (VClips List of Clips) are condensed from the full manuals.  Many have omitted section 5 in the stream specific user manuals.   This was done to conserve space on the Tek Web server.  

In the actual software package that a user will receive, there are several documents. 

  • Two general purpose introduction documents
  • One document that provides a more detailed description of the stream content and test factors for that specific group of VClips
  •  The Decoder series VClips files also include MTS4EA Parse and Interpret files for each included clip
  •  Most Decoder VClips files also include an Excel spreadsheet that provides more extensive depth of test types and test coverage.

   If the additional depth of descriptive information is required/desired, please send a short request message to [email protected].  Please include the specific VClips series number that is of interest.

   A zip file of the pdf documents and the Excel file (if available) will normally be provided.  Parse and Interpret files will only be provided upon specific request.  (The P & I files are large, and will only be delivered via ftp.)

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