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What are the steps to get started using ASO drivers with a DAS board?


What are the steps to get started using ASO drivers with a DAS board?


To use the ASO function call drivers, a configuration file must first be created. This config file will have the model number of your board, the base address, interrupt and DMA channel (if used) as well as selection between single ended or differential inputs and indication of any accessory items such as channel expansion or sample and hold accessories, etc. Each series of boards has a configuration utility to create the config file. For example, DAS1600 series boards have a program called cfg1600.exe, which will create a file called das1600.cfg. For each series of board there is also a control panel utility program that should be used to test for proper operation of the board. For the DAS1600 series the program is called ctl1600.exe. If this program fails to run, an error message and error number will be displayed. Look the error number up in the back of the Function Call Driver Manual to get an explaination of the error and suggestions for corrective action.

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