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What are the basic differences between 80SSPAR+ 80SICON+ and 80SICMX?


What are the basic differences between 80SSPAR+ 80SICON+ and 80SICMX?


The key features of these products are:

80SSPAR is the basic, lowest priced Iconnect product. It has three key features:

  • S-Parameter Measurements
  • True Impedance Profile (Z-Line)
  • 50 ohm calibration

80SICON is the original Iconnect SW. It has all of the features found in 80SSPAR plus:

  • Easily Analyze Source of Interconnect Jitter, Losses, Crosstalk, Reflections, and Ringing
  • Efficiently Model PCBs, Flex boards, Connectors, Cables, Packages, and Sockets
  • Analyze Interconnects Concurrently, in Time and Frequency Domains
  • Perform Cost-Effective Eye Mask Test, Insertion, and Return Loss Specification Compliance Testing
  • Obtain More Accurate Impedance Measurements
  • Quickly Locate Interconnect Failures

80SICMX is the most extensive of these products. In addition to the features listed in 80SSPAR and 80SICON, it also offers the following:

  • Automatically Convert TDR /T or VNA Data into SPICE Models
    • Measurement Based, Frequency Dependent, Exact Models
    • Model Passivity, Stability, Causality Guaranteed
  • Easily Ensure System Level Simulation Accuracy
  • Easily Perform Interconnect Link Analysis

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