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Speed: What factors affect the speed of a SourceMeter?


Speed: What factors affect the speed of a SourceMeter?


What factors affect the speed of a SourceMeter?

The execution time of Single measurements, Sweeps (linear or log) or custom sweeps via a source memory list for Model 2400 series can be influenced by several factors.


Source-Delay-Measure Cycle (SDM) timing is determined by a number of source and measure configuration parameters. Several case scenarios of SDM cycle timing can be found in Appendix A of the 2400 User Manual. Please refer to Appendix A for more detailed information.


Measurement is one aspect of the SDM cycle:


  • IF the Measurement is required for the application, the NPLC (number of power line cycles) is a major influence on speed.
  • When enabled, the Auto Zero reduces zero drift by measuring the zero and a reference with every signal measurement, thus adding A/D conversions.
  • By default, concurrent measurements is enabled. The 24xx SourceMeter will provide both current and voltage measurements with concurrent feature on.


Source is another portion of the SDM cycle:


  • IF there are no source level changes, additional settling time is not a factor. What is being sourced (voltage or current) varies the SDM cycle timing as each source offers different firmware overheads.


  • The Output auto off feature turns off the output after every measurement phase of the SDM. Disabling Output off can save considerable time.

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