I have a probe that is no longer being manufactured. What is the replacement?


I have a probe that is no longer being manufactured. What is the replacement?


Please use our "Interactive Probe Selection Tool" to assist in locating a replacement probe for your Tektronix instrument.  The interactive tool is located at /node/3661.  If your instrument is not located in the upper instrument list, you can click on the right arrow in the lower gray text area where is says "Probe Compatibility Selector........".  This will expand the selection to include many of our older instruments.

Once you have selected the instrument model, then follow the rest of the selection criteria to narrow down the list based upon type of probe and desired specifications.  On the right side you will see a list of compatible probes.  When you click on one of listed probes, it will take you to a more detailed list of the probe, it's specifications and it compatibility to your chosen instrument (it may or may not need an adapter to work on your instrument model.)

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: High Voltage Single Ended Probes, Low Voltage Single Ended Probes, Passive Probe

Product: P6339A, P6015A, P6158, P6209, P6246, P6205, P6117, P6563A, P6106A, P6249, P6101B, P6103B, P6109B, P6131, P6133, P6134C, P6137, P6138A, P6105A, P6561A, P6562A, P2100, P6243S, P6217, P6129B, P6561AS, P6119B, P6207, P6204, P6156, P6122, P6202A, P6201, P6009, P2220, P6130, P6231, P6138, P6053B, P6062B, P6063B, P400, P6006, P6007, P6008, P6101A, P6108A, P6109, P6113B, P6562AS, P6563AS, YT5060, YT5100, P850, P6046

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