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How interchangeable are Keithley's data acquisition VIs with National's VIs?


How interchangeable are Keithley's data acquisition VIs with National's VIs?


Keithley's VIs are syntactically interchangeable with National's VIs. They have the same form and feel and the same API. There's no significant learning curve involved in using Keithley's VIs if you're already familiar with National's DAQ VIs. For example, in a LabVIEW application, it's possible to substitute a Keithley VI for a National VI and the program will compile without any programming errors. However, there are differences on the semantic interchangeability level. Just because the VIs are syntactically interchangeable, it does not necessarily follow that both programs will return the same answer. The use of different device drivers and a variety of hardware options prevent them from being semantically interchangeable. Keithley VIs require DriverLINX as the device driver, while National VIs require NI-DAQ. This does not mean there will definitely be differences, but users should expect that there might be and be prepared either to verify everything works properly or to make some changes. The key benefit is that LabVIEW programmers can dramatically shorten the learning curve involved in using Keithley data acquisition products with LabVIEW. They can leverage the investment they already made in learning data acquisition with LabVIEW.

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