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How do I enter a new option keycode into a WVR6100/7000/7100 or WFM6100/7000/7100 series instrument?


How do I enter a new option keycode into a WVR6100/7000/7100 or WFM6100/7000/7100 series instrument?


To enter a new keycode into a WFM6100/7000/7100 or WVR6100/7000/7100 you need to connect the instrument to a PC using either an Ethernet network or crossover cable. Once you have connected your instrument you will need to configure its network settings so that it is accessible by the PC on that same network. If you have connected the WFM or WVR to your local network then you should be able to set the Newtork Settings IP Config Mode to DHCP and the instrument will get an IP address automatically as shown below:

Graphic 1

In this configuration menu, also ensure that the Web Enable option is set to On and note the Web Password if any.

If you connected your instrument to your PC using a crossover cable, you will need to manually configure the IP addresses of both the WFM/WVR and your PC to be within the same subnet but not clash with each other.

In either case, enter the IP address of your WFM or WVR into a web browser on the PC connected to it and press enter. You should come to the WFM/WVR remote web interface splash screen as shown below:

Graphic 2

From this page, click the Instrument Options link to get to this page:

Graphic 3

On this page you can see the currently enabled options for your instrument as well as the current license keycode. At the bottom of the page there is a field to enter a new keycode, enter your new keycode into this field and press the Submit button to save it. You should then see a page indicating that the code was accepted successfully.

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