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How do I configure the LAN settings on an MDO4000C series oscilloscope?


How do I configure the LAN settings on an MDO4000C series oscilloscope?


This procedure also applies to the DPO/MSO/MDO4000B series oscilloscopes. 

As it stands now, all 4000 series scopes  require a live network connection  be made on the scope in order to set and save LAN settings. If the scope does not have a network connection, the IP address will default to This can be seen by going to the Utility menu, scrolling to the I/O page under the Config Menu, Selecting Network Configuration, selecting manual, and selecting Set IP Addresses Manually. Set any IP address you like. If you go back to the Ethernet & LXI settings menu, and select LAN settings, the IP address is because there is no network connection. But as soon as you plug an Ethernet cable connected to a network into the back of the scope, the scope sets the IP address that you specified manually.
The same behavior occurs when using Automatic network configuration without a network connection. Remove the network connection by unplugging the Ethernet cable from the back of the scope. Go to Network Configuration and select Automatic (DHCP & Auto-IP). Go back to Ethernet & LXI and LAN Settings and you’ll see that the IP address has reverted back to But again, as soon as you reenable the network connection, the scope automatically obtains the IP addresses it needs.  

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