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Jitter-Messung und Timing-Analyse

Das Verständnis von Timing-Jitter ist heute unabdingbarer Bestandteil bei der Entwicklung von Hochgeschwindigkeitskommunikationssystemen, da viele der heutigen seriellen Datenstandards umfangreiche Jitter-Konformitätsprüfungen erfordern.  Die umfassende Produktpalette von Tektronix-Prüfgeräten ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihre Entwicklungsziele und Konformitätsanforderungen schnell zu erfüllen.

  • TekScope Anywhere TM -Signalanalyse :  Benutzer können jetzt außerhalb des Labors Timing-, Augendiagramm- und Jitter-Analysen durchführen und in einer vernetzten Umgebung problemlos mit anderen Teammitgliedern gemeinsam nutzen.
  • 80SJNB Jitter-, Timing- und SDLA Visualizer-Analyse für Sampling-Oszilloskope:  80SJNB ist ein Universalwerkzeug, das es Ingenieuren ermöglicht, einen Extraktionsfilter, ein Zeitbereichssignal oder einen S-Parameter für die Kanalintegration zu definieren. Außerdem ermöglicht 80SJNB die Durchführung von Timing- und Rauschanalysen sowie Maskentests, damit eine 3-D-Ansicht der Augendiagrammleistung erstellt werden kann, die eine tiefgehende präzise Bewertung von Signalen mit Frequenzen über 50 GHz hinaus ermöglicht.
The Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation Measurements
High-speed serial bus architectures are the new norm in today’s high-performance designs. While parallel bus standards are undergoing some changes, serial buses are established across multiple markets …
Stressed Eye Primer
In addition to an introduction to stressed eye testing, this primer discusses some of the high-speed standards that use it, and how a receiver test using stressed eye is constructed.
Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter Primer
Timing jitter is the unwelcome companion of all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. This paper focuses primarily on jitter in electrical systems..
Dual-Dirac+ Scope Histograms and BERTScan Measurements
This primer discusses how the dual-Dirac relates to practical measurements that can be made with sampling scopes and BER-based instruments.
Evaluating Stress Components using BER-Based Jitter Measurements
This primers describes how jitter measurements can be self-verified using a BER-based Jitter Peak measurement and how to simplify the jitter measurement challenge by using a pattern that does not …
Clock Recovery Primer, Part 2
Part 2 of looking at clock recovery from a practical point of view with emphasis on how it affects measurements.
Clock Recovery Primer, Part 1
Part 1 of looking at clock recovery from a practical point of view with emphasis on how it affects measurements.
Choose the Right Platform for Your Jitter Measurements
This document will explain some essential jitter terms, and then go on to discuss jitter measurements and the tools best suited for evaluating and quantifying jitter, when working with serial data …
Paper presented 8/9/05 at the T11.2 FC-MSQS Ad Hoc Meeting: Impact of Noise on BER Estimation
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DesignCon 2015 Paper - Statistical Principles and Trends in Mask Testing
This paper relates mask testing on these models with that ultimate figure of merit, the system BER as measured against a mask. It includes a new method that determines the BER of a mask from an eye …
Jitter Fact Sheet
Regardless whether you need a quick clock jitter measurement, or a thorough analysis of a BER performance problem, Tektronix oscilloscopes and integrated software tools deliver. You can rapidly solve …
Clock Recovery’s Impact on Test and Measurement
As clock recovery becomes increasingly common in more systems and test setups, its effects on measurements must be considered. Many outside influences can disturb the relationship between data and …
BERTScope® Bit Error Rate Testers Jitter Map “Under the Hood”
Delve into jitter problems in new ways, such as examining Random Jitter on each edge of the data pattern, separating out the jitter caused by transmitter pre-emphasis, and performing jitter …
Six Sigma’ Mask Testing with a BERTScope® Bit Error Rate Tester
Six sigma is a form of mask testing that provides for critical insight when mask testing depth specification are important for pass/fail testing or deeper evaluation on high-speed signaling standards …
Anatomy of an Eye Diagram
This application note discusses different ways that information from an eye diagram can be sliced to gain more insight. It also discusses some basic ways that transmitters, channels, and receivers …
Characterizing Phase Locked Loops Using Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers
This application note shows measurements of linear and non-linear effects in both the time and frequency domains using Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.
Controlled Jitter Generation for Jitter Tolerance and Jitter Transfer Testing
This application note explores how (and how not) to generate controlled jitter. It also reviews a few cases where you might use a jittered source, such as Jitter Tolerance testing, Jitter Transfer …
Comparing Jitter Using a BERTScope® Bit Error Rate Testing
Comparison of DCD and F/2 Jitter.
Ultra-low Jitter Performance with Phase-Reference Module 82A04 & TDS/CSA8200 Sampling Oscilloscope
Bridging the Gap Between BER and Eye Diagrams — A BER Contour Tutorial
BER Contour Measurement - What it is, how it is constructed, and why it is a valuable way of viewing parametric performance at gigabit speeds.
Characterize Phase-Locked Loop Systems Using Real Time Oscilloscopes
Phase-locked loops (PLL) are frequently used in communication applications. For example, they recover the clock from digital data signals (CDR), recover the carrier from satellite transmission …
How to Address Your Toughest Serial Bus Design Challenges with EDA and Measurement Correlation
This Tektronix webinar will teach engineers how to use modeling tools to correlate simulations with high-speed physical layer measurements on Serial Bus Standards using the DPO/MSO70000 Series …
Jitter Fundamentals
View this recorded webinar to get a solid overview of jitter components as well as jitter characterization and visualization. Learn how to control Jitter during system design and improve timing …
Enabling PAM4 for Emerging Requirements in Data Communications
This webinar presents measurement techniques for PAM4 Data Communications and is useful for engineers involved in designing and developing 28G, 56G or 100G components, modules and systems. Find out …
Choosing the Right Platform for Jitter Measurements
Advanced Jitter and Noise Analysis
 As serial data speeds increase, the need to perform accurate timing and jitter measurements is key to staying current in your design role. Check out this new webinar that covers advances in the …