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Entwickeln und Testen analoger/digitaler Elemente

Analog Digital Design Debug

Wenn Ihre Innovation einem Terminplan unterliegt, ist keine Zeit verfügbar, um einen Logikanalysator oder Protokolltester aufzustöbern und nach schwer feststellbaren Mixed-Signal-Problemen zu suchen. Zum Glück sind jetzt neue hochintegrierte Geräte verfügbar, die es ermöglichen, Ihnen einen kohärenten Einblick in die analogen und digitalen Signale, seriellen Protokolle und HF-Signale der komplexen eingebetteten Systeme von heute zu vermitteln.

XYZs of Signal Generators
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Debugging a Mixed Signal Design with a Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
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Problems with setup and hold timing are among the most challenging to identify.  Mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) are able to capture both analog and digital representations of signals, making them …
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Most systems use several sets of power rails and verifying proper power supply sequencing requires multiple oscilloscope input channels.  You’ll learn the basics of checking the power-on and power-off …
Digital Debugging Tips Using a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
This application note provided useful information for verifying and debugging with a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) complex designs that may include analog and digital signals and multiple buses.
Debug and Validation of High Performance Mixed Signal Designs
High performance mixed analog and digital systems continue to evolve with increasing performance and complexity. Designers need to quickly find and analyze a wide range of problems from signal …
Troubleshooting Analog to Digital Converter Offset Using a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
This application note gives a procedure for performing quick checks on an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) system gain, offset and linearity.  The technique uses a ramp signal from a function …
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Characterizing and Troubleshooting Jitter with Your Oscilloscope
Gives examples of jitter analysis, from basic analysis using frequency and Time Interval Error (TIE) measurements, to more advanced jitter decomposition techniques to help isolate the sources of …
Working Remotely with Oscilloscopes
Learn about remote analysis.  We cover how TekScope, TekDrive, and eScope unlock scope capabilities through synchronous control, offline analysis, and cloud storage.