AFG31000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator Declassification and Security Instructions Bedienungsanleitung

This document helps customers with data security concerns to sanitize or remove memory devices from the Tektronix AFG31000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator.

These products have data storage (memory) devices and data output devices. These instructions tell how to clear or sanitize the memory devices and disable the data output devices. The instructions also tell how to declassify an instrument that is not functioning.

The procedures in this document are written to meet the requirements specified in:

 NISPOM, DoD 5220.22–M, Chapter 8

 ISFO Process Manual for Certification & Accreditation of Classified Systems under NISPOM

This manual applies to:

AFG31021, AFG31022, AFG31051, AFG31052, AFG31101, AFG31102, AFG31151, AFG31152, AFG31251, AFG31252
  • Manual Type: Declassification
  • Part Number: 077-1491-00
  • Release Date:

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