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ABCs of Probes Primer
Probes are vital to oscilloscope measurements and critical to measurement quality. This 48-page primer explains everything your students should know about probes – from the different types of probes and their benefits to advanced probing techniques and more.

XYZs of Oscilloscope Primer
This 64-page primer provides a good starting point in understanding oscilloscope basics and operation. It explains fundamental concepts including the importance of signal integrity, how an oscilloscope works, how to interpret waveform measurements and more.

Oscilloscope Pocket Guide (NEW)
This handy pocket-sized guide explains fundamental concepts, including how an oscilloscope works and tips for capturing your signal.

Fundamentals of Floating Measurements Application Note
This visual 8-page application note provides a fundamental glossary of power measurement terms, explains the different options available for making floating measurements, and highlights the advantages and trade-offs of each option.

Serial Application Note
This 16-page application note highlights the challenges presented by serial buses in today's embedded system designs. It includes a comprehensive overview of I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, RS-232, and FlexRay and how they work.

Oscilloscopes - Fundamental Reference Materials