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Partner Online Resources

The relationship between Tektronix and our Channel Partners is important to us. We want to provide the best-in-class online tools so we can help you succeed. 

These are the resources we provide to help you interact with Tektronix. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, please Contact Us or your regional coordinator.

Pricing, Availability and Lead Time

Pricing, Availability and Lead Time Inquiry for our current product portfolio is available to all partner contacts. The application requires the user to select the country of ultimate destination, the appropriate contractual agreement, and the search parameter. The system will return all "base" products that match the criteria. If the item is a configurable product, you may drill-down on that product to see the mix of options that are also available on that product. 

Partner Pricing and Availability

We also provide a method to download a complete list of products defined as "saleable" on your agreement. This process is a resource intensive one, so it is only offered to specific members of your organization. Also due to the time it take to generate, your request is queued up and created in a separate offline process in the order requested. When your request is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download the file.

Partner Pricelist Downloads (elevated privileges required)

Order Status

Order status is provided in two flavors - Order Search, and Order Report.

Order Search - Using the search version, the user can search for orders using a variety of criteria - Purchase Order (your PO number), Tektronix Order Number, Tektronix Model Name, or the Order Date. The search will allow the user to pinpoint exactly the order you want to see. The results allow you to then drill down on the order number, or a specific line on the order to view the order details.

Partner Order Status

Order Report - In the report version, the user is simply presented a list of orders in our systems for your company. The same drill down options exist for the order number or line. However, depending on the number of results, this page make take longer to render.

Partner Order Report

Sales Tools

Sales Tools is the how we deliver a large variety of resources to help you sell our products and compete in the marketplace. Sales Tools are PDF files, Word documents, videos and other resources that help you sell Tektronix products. Sales Tools are searchable by document type, product series and application. 

Sales Tools Home Page

Lead Management & Deal Registration (PLUS Dx/Partner Hub)

Our PartnerHub application is designed to help you process leads provided by Tektronix.

PartnerHub (elevated priviledges and additional login required)

Online Training

Tektronix provides a wealth of online training material for partners so that you have the training necessary to accurately represent our products. The materials are hosted on a separate site that requires an additional login.

Product Training Portal (CDT) (additional login required)

Partner Locator

Parntner Locator is the external tool that allows customers to find the partner that suits their needs. It is geographically oriented so that a customer will find the partner who does business in the selected country. Further, the customer may filter the list of partners based on their ability to sell a certain product, or one who provides a business service e.g. Rental, Service, Systems Integration.

For the Partner, you may want to review this information periodically to ensure it continues to accurately represent your capabilities in regards to Tektronix products.

Partner Locator (publicly available)

Used Equipment Inventory - Encore

Tektronix has an ever-changing inventory of refurbished equipment available for sale with discounts ranging from 10% up to 60% off MSRP and a full manufacturer warranty. The inventory list changes daily, so check back often to see what's available and provide additional value to your customers.

Tektronix Encore Configurations - Factory Certified. Performance Ready

Note - Most web sites listed above are designed for authorized Tektronix Partners and are for authorized users only. Access by unauthorized persons is prohibited. If you need access, or have questions, comments or other feedback on any of the sites, please send email to your regional coordinator . Please allow at least 1 business day for response.