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RDT Equipment & Systems Ltd.

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RDT Equipment & Systems is an Israeli leading supplier of solutions and services for a wide range of professional industries. RDT was established over 60 years ago, counts today 100 employees and it's core business is supported by few divisions as: Test & Measurement, ATE and Inspection application - bench top and portable test, measurement & control instruments for field, manufacturing and lab in all scales. Control & Automation – wide range of micro and large PLC & HMI solutions, including IOT/IIOT, instrumentation for the measurement of temperature, pressure, flow, level and more in a comprehensive approach within other control elements over different infrastructures including industrial networks. RDT has dedicated professional services and projects team which are involved in wide range applications and industries. EMC & RF - EMC/EMI/RFI/EMP/Anechoic Solutions, NFC, Antennas, RF equipment for Spectrum Analysis, EMF Safety, etc . Communication Area - from infrastructure up to applications, from portable handheld tools up to large monitoring & management systems. LAB, Maintenance & Services - ISO 17025 certified facilities which provide Preventative & Predictive Maintenance, Calibration Services, and certified repairs in accordance with product requirements. Courses and Trainings - under RDT Academy framework RDT provides a wide range of trainings and certification courses in different technology segments as thermography, power quality, PLC & HMI, networking, etc.


Full Keithley portfolio: Data acquisition systems, Digital Multimeters, SourceMeter (SMU) Instruments, Scientific Sensitive Instruments, Electrochemistry Solutions, Switching systems DC & Microwave, Power Supplies, Semiconductor Characterization Systems and Keithley Accessories


  • Website:http://www.rdt.co.il
  • Telefonnummer:+972(072)3943275
  • Fax: +972(3)6478908

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