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PAM4 Analysis - DPO70000DX - DPO70000SX – Win 7 - Win 10 - v10.5.0

The following new major features are added into this release• • Addition of the IEEE measurements J4, Jrms, EOJ, Transition time, SNR_ISI• Addition of the TDECQ measurement• Full public support of optical measurements, enabled by a separate option key• Addition of a hierarchical measurement selection tree, to enhance throughput• Ability for user to directly enter FFE or DFE coefficients• Ability for user to import or export pattern and error information

Diese Software bezieht sich auf: DPO73304DX , MSO73304DX , DPO73304SX , DPO77002SX , DPS73308SX , DPO75002SX , DPS75004SX

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