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10G-KR Compliance and Debug solution for DPO-DSA-MSO70000-B,C,D - Win XP and Win 7 V1.0.0

The Tektronix 10G-KR is an automated compliance and Debug test system for testing 10G-KR and 40G-KR4

10G-KR option supports:
- TekExpress 10G-KR, Automated compliance test for 10G-KR device and 40G-KR4 device, and a DPOJET Plug-in debug solution

10G-KR provides 10 free trials by default for Tekexpress 10G-KR only and need license key to enable the application permanently. The DPOJET-10G-KR does not have free trails. It will be available only on enabling the license key permanently.

Diese Software bezieht sich auf: DPO71604 , DPO72004 , DSA71604 , DSA72004 , DPO71604B , DPO72004B , DSA71604B , DSA72004B , MSO71604 , MSO72004 , MSO71604C , MSO72004C , DPO71604C , DPO72004C , DSA71604C , DSA72004C , DPO72504D , DPO73304D , DSA72504D , DSA73304D

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