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The Video Test tutorial information found here will help you understand video measurement basics and how to overcome challenges – fraom comprehensive glossaries and guides to highly visual technology and standards posters.

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Video Terms & Acronyms
This guide provides a comprehensive glossary of video terms and acronyms gathered over time from numerous sources.
VideoReference Guide
Guide to IPTV: The Technologies, the Challenges and How to Test IPTV
This primer explores the technologies and challenges of IPTV and how Test & Measurement equipment can be used to facilitate the design, rollout and management of IPTV networks and services.
Video: IPTVBeginner's Guide
Guide to Standard HD Digital Video Measurements
This guide discusses the basics of the digital signal and illustrates the measurements available to ensure your signals are valid and legal.
Video: HDBeginner's Guide
Guide to MPEG Fundamentals
This guide, packed full of 101 pages, provides a comprehensive introduction to MPEG and MPEG testing. This updated version also covers topics such as Next Generation CODECs, High Definition Video and Mobile RF Digital Modulation.
Video: MPEGBeginner's Guide
MPEG ATSC and DVB Poster
Choose between these 2 MPEG standards posters, DVB (Digital video Broadcasting) standard and ATSC A/65 standard. MPEG-2 transport stream - ISO/IEC 13818-1 international Standard.
Video: MPEGReference Guide
Understanding Colors and Gamut Poster
This poster provides a quick graphical reference to understand gamut and how to correct gamut problems within the video signal.
VideoReference Guide
Understanding HD Video Poster
This poster provides graphical reference to understanding high definition video.
Video: HDReference Guide



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