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The signal generator tutorial information found here will help you learn more about signal generator basics and their contribution to a complete test and measurement solution.

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Signal Generator Primer
This 54-page XYZs of Signal Generators Primer explains the basics of Signal Generators, including the many types of generators, their applications and their contribution to a complete test and measurement solution.
Signal GeneratorsBeginner's Guide
Signal Generator Pocket Guide
This pocket-sized guide explains fundamental signal source concepts, including waveform generation principles and an overview of basic waveforms and waveform characteristics. A helpful, quick reference guide to your signal generator.
Signal GeneratorsBeginner's Guide
Understanding Signal Generation Methodologies
This technical brief compares two signal generation architectures and explains how to select the right product for your application.
Signal GeneratorsBeginner's Guide
Characterization of IQ Modulators Counts On Flexible Signal Generator Stimulus
Learn how modern arbitrary/function generators provide a stimulus to characterize high performance IQ modulators thoroughly, with more flexibility and saving considerable time over previously used methods.
Signal GeneratorsIntermediate Guide



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