Tektronix: 53% Faster for Digital Debug

MSO4000B Oscilloscope

Debug Faster with the MSO/DPO4000B Series

Research Study

The Digital Debug Research Study by Hansa GCR set out to do one thing: find the best oscilloscope for debugging digital signals. In their quest, Hansa GCR challenged engineers to compare 3 scopes for this everyday engineering task. The objective was simple: determine if a digital signal has runts and glitches. The tasks: 1) Monitor the signal for runts and glitches. 2) Capture the runt. 3) Search for all runts.

Download 8-page research study

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The Results Are In!

Tektronix oscilloscope preferred by engineers for digital debug.
Tektronix oscilloscope performed digital debug 53% faster than comparable scopes.

Inside the Study

See how the Tektronix, Agilent and LeCroy oscilloscopes performed.

The results from the Research Study confirm what oscilloscope users have known for over 60 years. Tektronix oscilloscopes offer a comprehensive set of tools for every stage of debug. So you can quickly discover and capture problems in your design, then search and analyze those problems to find root cause - fast. In this case: 53% faster.

  • Discover problems in seconds with DPO® Technology
  • Capture your event the first time with over 125 trigger combinations
  • Search your waveform instantly with the automated search feature in Wave Inspector®
  • Analyze your signal fast and efficiently with 29 automated measurements, FFT, and a variety of analysis packages - serial and parallel bus, power, and video

What the Engineers Had to Say


"I preferred the Tektronix. It was very easy to use and it displayed the runt almost immediately. It was almost like it was a mind reader."

"I hit the buttons [on Tektronix] and just right away I was able to find the runts and glitches."

"The Tektronix seems to have more capabilities, more advanced features, more extensive triggering."

"The Tektronix was easier to just go in and do it. In a fast paced environment, that's important."

"Buy the Tektronix. I would buy the Tektronix. I consider it a much better instrument."

"One of the good things about the Tek is the infinite persistence overlay. You can immediately see that I have a signal coming in too low sometimes and too narrow sometimes. And you can see that right away. I use Tek's to find that kind of stuff all the time."

"Tektronix seemed a little more intuitive, easier to use."

"Tek...the more modern features were more readily available, especially... in the search for runts. In this case, it seems it takes fewer steps to find the same signal."

"Key thing is that it took a lot less time [with Tektronix]. Digital phosphor means you can keep the scope running continuously, rather than doing single shot acquisitions."



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