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Advanced Electronics Lab

With bench oscilloscopes, analog, digital and serial data signals can be visualized and analyzed with a single instrument. Fast waveform capture rates and deep record lengths provide the performance needed to troubleshoot today's fast digital designs. Automated application analysis - serial data, parallel data, video and power - simplify complex measurement tasks encountered when designing and debugging embedded systems designs. And, bench oscilloscopes are designed to be easy to use with dedicated front-panel controls, innovative Wave Inspector® controls for rapid waveform navigation, and a USB port on the front panel for documenting lab results.

With Tektronix bench oscilloscopes, students have the test instrumentation necessary to explore advanced electrical engineering topics:

Recommended EquipmentQuantity
Bench OscilloscopesMSO2000 Series, DPO2000 Series, MSO3000 Series, DPO3000 Series, MSO4000B Series, DPO4000B Series1
Oscilloscope ProbesP6139B passive probe, TCP0030 AC/DC current probe, TDP0500 mid-voltage differential probe

Visit the Probe Selector to see all available probe offerings.
Signal GeneratorsAFG3000 SeriesOptional
Digital MultimetersDMM4040, DMM4050Optional
DC Power SuppliesPWS4000 SeriesOptional