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TLA7000 Series iLink™ Tool Set

Instant insight into the digital and analog behavior of your system

Chances are, you're now or will soon be developing products using new logic families with faster edges, resulting in problems you may not have seen before. Older digital systems could tolerate wide variances of digital signals. In newer systems, this is no longer the case. As design margins decrease, analog characteristics of digital signals increasingly affect the integrity of your digital system. You need to be able to simultaneously measure the digital and analog characteristics of your system to find the source of these elusive anomalies.

TLA7000 Series Logic Analyzers include the iLink™ Tool Set which seamlessly integrates the logic analyzer with an oscilloscope to provide instant digital and analog insight, and radically speeds the debugging of multiple signals. The iLink tools are:

With iCapture, probe once to acquire twice the measurements

Connect a P6800 or P6900 Series logic analyzer probe to your circuit and simultaneously acquire both digital and analog data from your logic analyzer and oscilloscope. That means quick and simplified setup and signal access, with no double-probing and no double-loading. Count on these probes, with just 0.5 pF total probe input capacitance, to protect the integrity of your signals. iCapture also gives you single-probe access to Tektronix' industry-leading real-time oscilloscopes.

Clearly see how analog anomalies are affecting your digital system with iView

Today almost every design is a high-speed design with fast clock edges and data rates. For these designs, you need to see the analog characteristics of high-speed digital signals in relation to complex digital events in the circuit. iView is your window into the digital and analog world. The iView capability seamlessly integrates and automatically time-correlates data from the logic analyzer and oscilloscope, so you can transfer analog waveforms from the oscilloscope to the logic analyzer display with the click of a mouse. View time-correlated analog and digital signals side-by-side and pinpoint the source of elusive glitches and other problems in moments.

iVerify speeds system validation

With iVerify, you can quickly validate the parameters of your system by using powerful oscilloscope acquisition and analysis capabilities. iVerify leverages the power of a high-performance Tektronix oscilloscope to automatically capture and display a high-resolution eye diagram on your TLA7000 Series logic analyzer. You'll see eye diagrams across your entire bus, so you can easily identify elusive signal integrity problems like cross talk, skew, overshoot, slew rate problems and inter-symbol interference. Or, use eye diagrams to verify your design to data valid window specifications required by industry standards such as RapidIO, PCI Express and other buses.

Connect, acquire, see and validate the analog and digital aspects of your digital system using the iLink Tool Set. From there, it's easy to use your Tektronix oscilloscope for further analysis on the anomalies you've discovered and take advantage of the fastest acquisition, industry-leading bandwidth and advanced analysis capabilities of the TDS/CSA7000B DPO Series, TDS6000 and TDS5000B DPO Series real-time oscilloscopes.