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AFG31000 Host ID (HID)

First the AFG31000 should have code version 1.4.6 or above.

Home button, Utility => License

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Does KickStart collect user data?

KickStart optionally collects data about how it is used and transmits this data to a third-party analytics service, which provides the data to Keithley/Tektronix.  KickStart does not collect or transmit personally-identifiable information.  All data collection can be disabled complete
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Model 6517B Voltage/Current Measurement Example (LabView)

This LabView VI allows you to choose:

Function (Voltage or Current), NPLC, Counts, Range, Resolution Digits and Buffer Delay Time.

The Program outputs the reading buffer data, standard deviation and RMS value. The data will also be saved to a file.

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Model 2461 100V at 10A pulse

Here is a sequence of SCPI commands the configure the Model 2461 SMU to output a 100V pulse up to 10A.




TRACe:MAKE "PulseBuffer", 50




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Is it possible to export a .csv file from the THS3000 Series Oscilloscope?

You can export waveform data from the THS3000 Series ‘scopes using your PC and some software.  To do this, follow the steps below.

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Multiple RSAs

Yes there are two options to communicate with multiple RSA's:

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VectorVu-PC Simulator

Yes, you can run VectorVu-PC in simulation mode. VectorVu-PC has an internal VNA simulator that you can use for analysis without a TTR500 unit. Use Connection Manager to switch to simulator mode. When you connect the simulator, the Instrument Status bar turns gray.
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TTR503A, TTR506A

Programming TTR500A

Yes, the TTR500A can be controlled Programmatically.

Here is a link to the Programmers manual which contains all the SCPI commands: https://www.tek.com/vna/ttr500-manual-5

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Can I sync an AWG70001A & an AWG70002A using the sync hub?

The sync hub, unfortunately, does not support the synchronization of mixed channel AWGs. The units being synced must have the same channel count. The issue comes from the fact that the delays between the two boxes are different, meaning a reliable sync can't be achieved. 

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What are the differences between the AWG70000A and the AWG70000B?

The key improvements on the B model from the A model are the following:

Streaming ID capability added Memory up to 32 GSa Windows 10 is now standard
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