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Model 2460 SMU TSP simple script for voltage pulses

Here is  a simple TSP (Test Script Processor) script to create ten 5V pulses of 0.01 second in duration.

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DAQ6510 Front/Rear Teminals


Only the status can be found, it can not switch from one to the other remotely. It is a mechanical switch and not remotely controlled.

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8009 and 6517B Low Resistivity Measurements

It depends on the voltage source and ammeter, not so much the test fixture.
The Model 6517B voltage source is capable of sourcing 10mV to 1000V. And up to 10mA.
So this means if it sources 1V and has a 10mA compliance then it could read 100 ohms.

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Hall Effect Card configuration

1. Configure the cables and connector and units.
A. Connect four triax to alligator clip cables from Model 3765 input 1,2,3,4 to the sample(DUT). Usually, you can use Model 237-ALG-2 triax to alligator clip cables.

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Model 2460 and 2182A for Delta Mode Measurements

Instructions for Setting up the Model 2450/2460 SourceMeter with the Model 2182A Using Delta Mode

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TSP Script for 100V at 10A on Model 2461 SMU

TSP Sequence for 100V @ 10A on Model 2461. This pulse is 1msec in duration.

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What are the maximum power draw ratings for the 3 Series MDO TekVPI probes?

The 3 Series MDO has a max power draw of 25 Watts.
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MDO32, MDO34

Will the DVM work on the 3 Series MDO series scope with a probe?

Yes, the DVM works through the analog inputs, therefore you can use standard probes.

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MDO32, MDO34
Is the 3 Series MDO DVM the same as making an analog channel waveform measurement?

No, the 3 Series MDO uses a DVM IC that takes AC+DC RMS, DC and AC RMS measurements from signal on the respective channel inputs.

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MDO32, MDO34
Can the 3 Series MDO capture the time domain and the frequency domain simultaneously?

The 3 Series MDO is most importantly an oscilloscope but has a total of 6 different instruments individually built into it. Designed in such a way to minimize the clutter on your bench but give you the power and versatility you need.
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