Webinar: Wideband Radar Signal Generation and Analysis

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In designing modern radar systems you face significant challenges. You must develop solutions with the flexibility and adaptability required for next-generation threat detection and avoidance. To succeed, you need capable tools for the generation and analysis of extremely complex pulse patterns and you need to validate designs with advanced scanning methodologies – tools that can handle complex radar baseband, IF and RF signals.

This webinar will focus on the challenges related to the adoption of wideband radar and techniques to master them. Webinar viewers will learn:

  • Why wideband radar signals are particularly difficult to create and capture
  • How to identify performance criteria for test instrumentation that allow you to create high fidelity radar signals
  • How to identify performance criteria for test instrumentation that allow you to capture and analyze difficult to detect wideband signals
  • The benefits of real time signal analysis and signal record and playback features

Speaker: Robin Jackman, Business Development Manager, Tektronix

Robin Jackman is a Business Development Manager based in London, England. With over 25 years of field experience Robin has supported customer applications throughout North America and Europe. His work with Tektronix has covered both analog and digital design with a focus on RF applications. Prior to Tektronix Robin was a spectrum management officer with the Canadian government.



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