TekVPI Probe Power Requirements on Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes

This technical brief gives configuration information for using TekVPI probes with oscilloscopes that include the TekVPI probe interface. It gives the maximum internal probe power available from each oscilloscope series, and lists the power consumption for each TekVPI probe.  It indicates circumstances under which an external power adapter is an option and when one should be used. In addition to the DPO2000/B, MSO2000/B, DPO5000/B and MSO5000/B, this brief also covers other instruments equipped with the TekVPI probe interface including the TBS2000, MDO3000, MSO/DPO3000, DPO4000/B, MDO4000/B/C,  MSO4000/B/C, 3 Series MDO, 4 Series MSO, 5 Series MSO,  6 Series MSO, and DPO7000/C,.  

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