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VmtWin Remote Control Software for the VM700T Video MeasurementSet


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Features & Benefits

  • Monitor Multiple VM700Ts or VM700As over an IP Network
  • Operates under Windows 95 or NT
  • Remote Screen Capture and Display
  • Conditional Testing of Incoming Data
  • Controls Many Products over RS-232
  • Supports Modem Dial-out Operations
  • Free Download from Tektronix Web Site


  • Monitor Remote Transmitter Sites from Anywhere in the World
  • Capture VM700T Graphics for Use in Documentation
  • Reduce Cost of Maintaining Network Applications
  • Create Automated Test Routines for Manufacturing Applications

VmtWin is a Windows 95/NT based communications program manager that enhances the automatic capabilities of the Tektronix VM700T and VM 700A Video Measurement Sets. The Windows-based user interface simplifies the remote operation of the VM700T in several ways.

First, VmtWin "learns" about the VM700T to which it is connected and presents the available measurement options, user-created functions and current configuration to the user through an intuitive and familiar looking Windows type pop-up menu structure. An additional command set supplied in VmtWin adds new functionality for automation and remote control applications. Functions can be written and executed automatically from the PC. These capabilities include conditional branching on receipt of user-defined text strings, alarm and caution counters. Control of other Tektronix video test products such as the TG2000 Television Test Signal Generator and ASG100 Audio Signal Generator is also possible providing complete automated testing of video contribution links.

Control Multiple VM700Ts Over an IP Network

VmtWin enables control of multiple VM700Ts over an IP network when an external IP server is connected to a VM700T serial port. The user enters the remote server IP address or machine name in the VmtWin IP address edit box. The connection is made by clicking on the "Connect" box, which enables a Telnet session to the remote VM700T via the IP server. Multiple VM700Ts can be controlled simultaneously by opening several VmtWin windows at a time.

Graphics Capture and Display

VmtWin supports manual or full automatic capture and display of VM700T graphics. Graphics files are stored in bitmap (BMP) format on the PC hard drive for future reference or integration into technical documentation.


The VmtWin Remote Connection window enables VM700T network access.

RS-232 and Modem Dial-out Capability

VmtWin provides for a remote session to a VM700T via dial-out telco modem or direct PC to VM700T serial cable.


You can download the VmtWin software free of charge from the Tektronix web site, www.tektronix.com. The quickest way to find the software is to search for "VMTWIN." After downloading the file, run the self-extracting executable file to install the program. Complete instructions are included with the program.

Required Hardware and Software

VmtWin will operate on any PC running under the Windows 95 or NT operating systems. A PC ethernet card or modem connection over SLIP or PPP to an IP server connected to a VM700T serial port is required for network access.

NOTE: VMTWin.exe Remote Control Software is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty.


Ordering Information


Remote Control Software.

Available free via download from the Tektronix web site: