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Backup and Remote Control Software


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Features & Benefits

  • VMBKUP is Just One in a Family of Software Utilities Designed to Enhance the Functionality of the VM700T.
  • Set of Three Programs that Simplify the Operation of VM700T and Personal Computer:
    • Quick File Backup
    • Ease File Transfer Between VM700T and PC
    • Simplified Remote Application Execution


  • Automated Manufacturing Test

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Backup and Remote Control Software

The VMBKUP package is a set of three programs that simplify the operation of the VM700T with a personal computer. The programs transfer user created files to and from the VM700T, either in groups or individually, and provide interactive remote control.

VMBKUP uses Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP), an RS-232C implementation of Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).


VMBACKIT allows the user to quickly back up to disk all of the user defined or created files stored in the VM700T and restore them as easily. Configuration files, Function files, or Measurement Reference files may be transferred in groups to or from the instrument. This function is useful for archiving or replicating the setup or measurement references of one VM700T to others.

This program is also invaluable in the VM700T upgrade process. Each new firmware version for the VM700T has slightly different file structure requirements. VMBACKIT allows configurations, functions and references to be downloaded to a personal computer prior to upgrading the VM700T, and will then convert old files to the new required format. Without VMBACKIT, all the time and energy spent configuring and programming the VM700T will be lost in the upgrade process.


VMFTP allows individual files to be transferred between the VM700T and a personal computer. It is an interactive program where the user determines which file or files to transfer.

Simple commands are used in the file transfer and management processes. Included are commands for changing directories, listing directory contents, file renaming and deletion on both the VM700T and the PC. On-line help is available to explain VMFTP commands and how they may be used.


VMFTP Initial Screen.


Sample VMFTP Session.


VMTERM is an interactive terminal emulation program specifically designed to exercise remote control over the VM700T. It simplifies the process of remote execution of applications, measurements, functions, setting measurement parameters, and displaying test results.

A convenient on-line reference of all the VM700T remote control commands and their functions is included in the program.


An install program guides the user through the process of configuring the SLIP communications program for the PC. The SLIP driver and associated software necessary to establish communications between the VMBKUP programs and the VM700T are provided. The SLIP driver is copyrighted by FTP Software, Inc.

Required Hardware

The VMBKUP programs will run on an IBM PC, PC XT, PC AT, Tektronix PEP 301 or compatible with the following requirements: 640K memory, 5¼ inch floppy disk drive, hard disk drive; 80-column display.

Required Software.

IBM PC-DOS or MS-DOS version 2.0 or greater is required. However, some capabilities are not available with DOS versions below 3.0.

IBM PC, PC XT, PC AT, and PC-DOS are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.

MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation


VMTERM Initial Screen.


VMTERM Help Display.


Sample VMTERM Session.

Ordering Information


VM700T Backup and Remote Control Software

Includes: Software on 5¼ inch floppy disk, manual, and PC/TCP Network Software for DOS (by FTP Software, Inc.).

NOTE: VMBKUP works equally as well with a VM700A.