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Serial Server Software: Network Connectivity for VM700T Automatic Video Measurement Set


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Features & Benefits

  • Access and Remote Control the Complete Measurement Set of the VM700T Using a Network or the Internet
  • Enables TCP/IP Network Connection Between the VM700T and User Running VmtWin Software
  • Server Device Connects to a VM700A or VM700T through a RS-232 Connection
  • Measure with One or Several VM700T's from a Single Server Device with Multiple Serial Server Windows
  • Displays Data Received and Status for Both Network-connected Client and Instrument
  • Performs Network Connection and Remote Site RS-232 Port Testing
  • Remote Control Any Instrument Using a Standard RS-232 Protocol such as a TG2000, ASG100, or SPG422
  • Default Auto-startup Option Restarts the Serial Server Software After a Server Reboot
  • Software Retains a Connection History
  • Connection Settings can be Password Protected
  • Data Overflow Notification
  • Auto-detect of Network IP Address
  • Complete Help Utility

Serial Server software enables network and internet connection to remote VM700T instruments. With a network connection to a VM700T utilizing VmtWin and Serial Server Software, users can monitor, make measurements, and view video signals utilizing the full capabilities of the VM700T. Using multiple windows of the VmtWin program at the user location, video engineers can view measurement results or remote control multiple VM700T's.

Required Hardware and Software

Serial Server will run on PC's with Windows® 95/98, 2000, or NT operating systems. A PC Ethernet card and available RS-232 port is required to connect to both network and instrument.

How To Use Tektronix Serial Server Software

1. Install Serial Server software on the server PC.

2. Connect the VM700T to the server device using an available RS-232 port.

3. Open and run Serial Server software.

4. Configure or check configuration of Serial Server.

5. Install VmtWin software at any and all desired user locations.

6. Open VmtWin and select the Network radio button.

7. Enter the Server IP address for the desired remote VM700T instrument.

8. Wait for information indicating a network connection has been established.

9. Measure and remote control your instrument(s) using VmtWin.

10. From VmtWin, click Close Connection to end your session.

11. Leave Serial Server open and running on the Server Device for the next session.


Remote Control of Other Devices

To remote control a TG2000, ASG100. or other devices that can be controlled with RS-232 protocol use VmtWin. Open VmtWin and establish a network connection to your remote instrument using Serial Server software. From Terminal View within VmtWin, commands specific to the instrument being controlled can be entered. For more detail on using Tektronix Serial Server Software, please consult the documentation included with the program. Further details regarding remote control of the VM700T and other devices with VmtWin software is detailed in the VmtWin User Interface documentation.

Note: Serial Server© Tektronix, Inc. 2001. All Rights Reserved. This software is distributed free of charge for use with Tektronix instruments AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including warranties of FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE or MERCHANTABILITY. Tektronix, Inc. assumes no responsibility for support of this software.

Ordering Information


Serial Server Software

Available free by download from the Tektronix website: www.tektronix.com. Under "Resources for You", select the "Software & Drivers" menu, click "Video Test."