Vclips Series of Clips

Vclips – For Video Compression, Testing, and Evaluation
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Features & Benefits

  • Video Sizes: Test with Many Different Video Sizes: Sub-QCIF, QCIF, CID, D1, HD (720p and 1080i)
  • Difficult Subjects: Test with Fine Detail, Night Time, Areas of High Contrast, Sharp Borders, Uniform Areas, Bright and Dull Colors
  • Visual Objects: People, Buildings, Vehicles, Trees, Landscapes, Clouds, Water, and Synthetic Objects
  • Movement: Fast, Slow, Uniform, Random, Multiple Moving Objects. Also Pan, Zoom, and Rotate
  • “Test Card” Sequences: Precisely Defined Motion, Bright Colors, Dull Colors, Lines, Patterns, and Grids. Also for Strobing and White Noise


  • Developing Video Compression
  • Testing the Performance of Different Codecs

Test Video Encoders and Decoders to Their Limits

Vclips are a diverse set of short video clips designed to test video encoders and decoders to the limits of their abilities.

The Encoder Series is a set of uncompressed YUV clips that comprises many different video elements, designed to 'stress' an encoder in many ways.

The series comprise sets of video clips with scenes which include different subjects, such as hard-to-encode movement and elements (such as clouds and water), high detail, and synthetic “test cards”. Other clips have precisely defined characteristics – such as exactly specified motion – for testing the interpretation and encoding by an encoder.

The Decoder Series of video clips is compressed to different video standards and tests video decoders not only to the limits of the video standard concerned, but also in their response to errors in encoded bitstreams.

The Decoder Series includes sets of video clips encoded to different video standards: some are encoded in a 'typical' manner, some are at the limits of the permissible standards, and some have deliberately introduced errors to test the reaction of the video decoder. These sets are provided specific to a video standard, at various sizes from sub-QCIF to HD.

The Decoder Series Functional tests check every allowable mode of a video standard, by individually switching on each permissible syntax element in turn, and then in combinations.

The Error test sets have deliberately introduced errors, designed to test the decoder response when there are bitstream errors. These errors include such things as using features not allowed in the Profile/Level concerned, illegal values, inconsistent values, and bit errors.

Whether developing video compression or testing the performance of different codecs, using Vclips can save many weeks of time otherwise spent generating sequences.





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