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Dual-Width Adapters • Kelvin Sensing Adapters • SMT Device Adapters

Semiconductor Tester Device Adapters

The products on this datasheet are no longer being sold by Tektronix.
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Kelvin Sensing Adapters


These adapters fit the test fixtures of the 370B, and 371B Curve Tracers:

A. In-line Adapter – Accepts large and small TO-220 transistors with in-line leads. Spacing between leads is 0.06 in. to 0.18 in. The adapter is wired for both B-C-E and C-B-E lead configurations. Order A1002.

B. Axial Lead Diode Adapter –Order A1005.

C. TO-3/TO-66 Adapter for Power Transistors – This adapter has been discontinued.

D. Blank Adapter for Mounting Custom Sockets – Order A1001.

E. Shows Adapter Bottom 6th Pin for Base/Gate Kelvin Sensing Adapters