PSPL5335 Datasheet

PSPL5335 -- 1:4 Amplified 4-Way Splitter, Datasheet
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The PSPL5335 Amplified Splitter provides an effective way to distribute a single signal to four ports with no loss in amplitude. The PSPL5335 is not optimized for data transmission, it can be used as a clock splitter or general purpose amplifier. Unused ports can be left unterminated.

Key performance specifications
  • 0 dB nominal insertion loss
  • Equal distribution to four ports
  • Single power supply

Typical performance






Electrical specifications
Parameter Performance
Polarity Inverting
Input / output coupling AC
Input / output impedance 50 Ω
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 100 MHz to 35 GHz 1
Insertion loss 0 dB
Input return loss      40 MHz      20 GHz   -10 dB 1
-6 dB 1
Output return loss      40 MHz   -7 dB 1
Group delay 350 ps
Output power at 1 dB gain compression +4 dBm
Warranty One year
Operating specifications
Parameter Units Minimum Typical Maximum Comments
DC supply voltage VDC 4.75    5.5   
DC supply current IDC   400  600  Damage threshold 2
Maximum allowed input Vamp     Damage threshold
Power dissipation W   3.3   
Operating temperature °C   25     


Mechanical dimensions


1 Tested in production at 25 °C.

2 Tektronix recommends setting a current limit on the DC supply. Certain operating conditions (such as driving with low duty cycle negative-going pulses) can increase the supply current and cause the device to overheat.

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