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Optical-to-Electrical Converters



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Features & Benefits

  • Broad Wavelength Response 500 to 950 nm or 1100 to 1700 nm
  • High-bandwidth DC up to 1.2 GHz
  • High Gain 1 V/mW
  • Low Noise <11 pW/√Hz
  • Probe Connects to DPO7000*1 and DPO/DSA/MSO70000*2 Series
  • SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel Reference Receiver Performance:
    • TDS500C/700C (Opt. 3C or 4C)
    • P6701B – Fibre Channel up to 1063 Mb/s
    • P6703B – SONET/SDH up to 622 Mb/s


  • Eye Pattern Testing of Optical Communication Signals(SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel)


The Tektronix P6700 Series optical-to-electrical (O/E) converters change optical signals into electrical signals for convenient analysis on Tektronix DPO7000 and DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series oscilloscopes with appropriate adapters (see footnote 1 and 2), any other Tektronix oscilloscope equipped with a TekProbe interface, or when used with the 1103 TekProbe power supply. The P6700 Series O/E converters are ideal for optical source characterization in the development, manufacture, or service of optical communication systems and devices.

Small, conveniently packaged P6701B and P6703B optical-to-electrical analog converters provide an accurate interface for optical pulse shape measurements. The high gain, large dynamic range, and stable output offset of these O/E converters make them ideal for performing eye pattern analysis and extinction measurements.

The P6701B/P6703B optical input is a 1 meter, 62.5μ Multi Mode fiber with an FC/PC connector. Using the standard assortment of hybrid fiber-optic mating sleeves, these O/Es can accommodate the various industry connector standards.

The TekProbe interface provides power, auto-scaling, auto-termination, and correct units (microwatts) when used with Tektronix DPO7000 or DPO/DSA/MSO70000 and earlier TekProbe-equipped Series oscilloscopes.

Performance You Can Count On

Depend on Tektronix to provide you with performance you can count on. In addition to industry-leading service and support, this product comes backed by a one-year warranty as standard.

*1 Requires the TPA-BNC adapter.

*2 Requires the TCA-BNC adapter.


OC-3/STM-1 SONET/SDH Transmitter Eye Pattern Test.


P6701B: Typical Wavelength-dependent Gain (at 25 °C).


P6703B: Typical Wavelength-dependent Gain (at 25 °C).

The standard P6701B has a nominal frequency response which follows the fourth-order Bessel-Thompson for Fibre Channel 1063 Mb/s. The 1103 TekProbe power supply can be used to connect these products to the DSA8200 Series sampling oscilloscopes.





Wavelength Response

500 to 950 nm

1100 to 1650 nm

Bandwidth*3 (Typical)

DC to 1.0 GHz

DC to 1.2 GHz

Rise Time (Typical)

≤500 ps

≤395 ps

Conversion Gain

1 V/mW

1 V/mW

Max Input Optical Power

1 mW (0 dBm)*4

1 mW (0 dBm)*4

10 mW (10 dBm)*5

10 mW (10 dBm)*5

20 mW (13 dBm)*6

20 mW (13 dBm)*6

Max Output Modulation Depth for Reference Receiver Performance

≤200 mVp-p

≤200 mVp-p

Noise Equivalent Power

≤0.87 μW (RMS)*7

≤0.59 μW (RMS)*7

≤28 pW per √Hz

≤19 pW per √Hz

Max Input Fiber Core Diameter

62.5 μm

62.5 μm

*3 Optical bandwidth (-6 dB electrical).

*4 Maximum average operating power.

*5 Max average nondestruct.

*6 Max peak nondestruct.

*7 1 GHz low-pass filter in series with output.

Ordering Information


Optical-to-electrical Converter with FC/PC Connector.


Optical-to-electrical Converter with FC/PC Connector.


All Include: Hard Case, User Manual (English, French, German, and Japanese), Assorted Fiber-optic Hybrid Connectors (FC/FC, FC/ST, and FC/SC), Certificate of Traceable Calibration, One-year Warranty.



Opt. C3 - Calibration Service 3 Years.

Opt. C5 - Calibration Service 5 Years.

Opt. D1 - Calibration Data Report.

Opt. D3 - Calibration Data Report 3 Years (with Opt. C3).

Opt. D5 - Calibration Data Report 5 Years (with Opt. C5).

Opt. R3 - Repair Service 3 Years.

Opt. R5 - Repair Service 5 Years.

Opt. SILV600 - Standard Warranty Extended to 5 Years.

Power Supply

1103 - TekProbe Power Supply. Please specify power plug when ordering.

Power Plug Options

Opt. A0 - US Plug, 115 V, 60 Hz.

Opt. A1 - Euro Plug, 220 V, 50 Hz.

Opt. A2 - UK Plug, 240 V, 50 Hz.

Opt. A3 - Australian Plug, 240 V, 50 Hz.

Opt. A5 - Swiss Plug, 220 V, 50 Hz.


Single Mode Fiber-optic Cables - (9 μm).

FC/PC to FC/PC: Order 174-1387-xx.

FC/PC to ST: Order 174-1386-xx.

FC/PC to SC/PC: Order 174-3921-xx.

FC/PC to Diamond (2.5): Order 174-1497-xx.

FC/PC to Diamond (3.5): Order 174-1385-xx.

Multi Mode Fiber-optic Cables - (62.5 μm)

FC/PC to FC/PC: Order 174-2322-xx.

FC/PC to SC/PC: Order 174-4093-xx.

FC/PC to SMA: Order 174-2324-xx.

90/10, 3-port Single Mode Optical Splitter FC/PC Connectors - Order 174-3737-xx.

10 dB, Inline Single Mode Optical Attenuator FC/PC Connectors - Order 119-5118-xx.

DIN/FC Fiber-optic Hybrid Connector - Order 020-2209-xx.

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