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GoldLite Service Plan

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The Tektronix Gold Lite Plan provides a seamless ownership experience without incurring additional service-related costs over the plan coverage period.

Key features
  • Expedited repairs
    • All Gold Lite Plan repairs will be expedited by Tektronix Service Teams, reducing downtime and improving time to market
  • Free Factory-Certified Calibration or functional verification after each repair
    • In every repair instance, your Gold Lite Plan product is returned in a like-new operating state including a free calibration. This ensures that repairs are done properly and the product works as intended when it left the factory
  • Priority access to Global Tektronix Customer Call Centers 1
    • During product use, questions arise that might bring your measurement operations to a halt. With the Gold Lite Plan, you get priority access to our support centers around the world. In each region, Gold Lite Plan customers will be provided with unique contact information for prompt, premium support by trained technicians
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrical Overstress (EOS) coverage 2
    • With Gold Lite Plan coverage, all costs of on-demand repair from accidentally caused damage is handled free of charge. This is extremely beneficial for owners of extra-sensitive measurement instruments such as sampling scope modules
  • Notification of calibration due dates
    • You receive an e-mail reminder for upcoming calibration dates of Gold Lite Plan products to ensure proper updates are made and your instrument always runs in top condition
  • 30% discount on Factory-Certified Calibration
    • Purchase a Factory-Certified Calibration plan with Gold Lite and receive 30% discount off the standard calibration price

1 May not be available in all regions.

2 Certain limits apply, see program terms for details.

Priority care

With Gold Lite, there is no need to worry about unexpected failures or undue delays in measurement tasks.

  • Get back to work faster with priority access to Global Tektronix Customer Call Centers
  • Make ongoing measurement certainty more affordable with a 30% discount on scheduled Factory-Certified Calibration
  • Protect from unexpected events with coverage of accidental damage, including user-caused EOS and ESD

Service plan comparison

Service plan feature

Gold Care


Gold Lite


Silver Care


Extension of standard warranty
Coverage of user-caused EOS and ESD Damage
Loaner shipped within 24 hours
Free Factory-Certified Calibration with each repair
Discount on scheduled calibration 30% 30% 20%
Calibration due notifications via email
Priority on bench service
Priority access to customer support center
Updates automatically installed each time unit is repaired or calibrated
Free in-country shipping
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