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Ethernet Transmitter Test Application Software

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The Ethernet Transmitter Test Application automates 10GBASE-T, NBASE-T, and IEEE802.3bz (2.5G/5G) physical medium attachment (PMA) physical-layer (PHY) electrical testing to provide a fast and accurate way of testing your Ethernet designs.

Notice to EU customers

This product is not updated to comply with the RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU and will not be shipped to the EU. Customers may be able to purchase products from inventory that were placed on the EU market prior to July 22, 2017 until supplies are depleted. Tektronix is committed to helping you with your solution needs. Please contact your local sales representative for further assistance or to determine if alternative product(s) are available. Tektronix will continue service to the end of worldwide support life.

Features and benefits
  • Comprehensive automated solution for 2.5GBASE-T, 5GBASE-T and 10GBASE-T PHY testing
  • One-button selection of multiple tests and four-channel support
  • Detailed test reports with margin and statistical information aid analysis
  • User-defined mode enables flexible parameter control for characterization and margin analysis
  • Efficient test execution on oscilloscopes with instrument remote control
  • Single instrument analysis of time- and frequency-domain measurements
  • Signal acquisition and analysis support for differential probes or direct SMA cabling

Product description


Based on the TekExpress test automation framework, the Ethernet Transmitter Test Application performs all of the PMA electrical measurements as specified by the 802.3an standard, the 802.3bz standard, and the NBASE-T specification. This allows you to quickly and efficiently test Ethernet devices running at 2.5G, 5G, and 10G data rates.

To accurately make these measurements, the Tektronix TF-XGBT test fixture is also needed. The test fixture allows you to reliable and easily access the device under test (DUT) using either differential probes or matched SMA cables.




Power spectral density measurement.

Test selection and instrument setup

Test selection is easy and straight-forward through the intuitive TekExpress workflow. Simply check the measurements you want to perform.




For each measurement selected, the Ethernet Transmitter application will then automatically set up and configure the oscilloscope saving time and ensuring repeatable, reliable results.

As each test is performed, the application will also show you with detailed diagrams how to properly make the needed connections.




Connection diagram


A summary report with Pass/Fail status for each test is created after the tests are complete. This report includes test configuration details, waveform plots, and margin analysis to provide more insight into your design.



Pass/Fail report


Margin testing

You can also make changes to test limits and other test parameters in order to do margin analysis to see how well your device is performing.




Droop configuration parameters

Differential single-ended acquisition support

The application allows signal acquisition and analysis with either matched-pair SMA cables or differential probes.




Differential and single-ended support.

Return loss

The Ethernet Transmitter Test Application simplifies Return Loss testing and eliminates the need for a Vector Network Analyzer by using a patented oscilloscope-based measurement along with a Tektronix AWG. Calibration data for Open, Load, and Short can be stored in a file and recalled.




Return loss

Complete programming interface

The programmatic interface seamlessly integrates the Ethernet Transmitter Test application with a high-level automation layer such as Visual Basic, MicrosoftNet, C#, C++, Python, or a Web application. This lets you control the state of the TekExpress application running on a local or a remote computer.

Programming examples are found in the application examples folder.

Prerecorded waveform

Prerecorded Waveform support will provide customers an option to use prerecorded waveforms when an oscilloscope is not available. This feature allows waveforms to be shared across multiple locations and removes end-user dependency from using scopes all the time.




Prerecorded waveform


10GBASE-T Measurements

The following tests are performed per the IEEE802.3-2012 standard. The device under test (DUT) must be able to provide the test mode signals as indicated in IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 55.5.2.

Measurement Standard reference and Test mode
Maximum Output Droop IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Master IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmit Clock Frequency IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Slave IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Linearity IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) and Power IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Return Loss IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T Measurements (requires NBASET option)

The following tests are performed per IEEE802.3bz/D3.3 draft standard. The device under test (DUT) must be able to provide the test mode signals as indicated in IEEE802.3bz/D3.3 Subclause 126.5.2.

Measurement Test mode
Maximum Output Droop IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Master IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmit Clock Frequency IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Slave IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Nonlinear Distortion IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) and Power IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Return Loss IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
NBASE-T Measurements (requires NBASET option)

The following tests are performed per the NBASE-T Physical Layer Specification. The device under test (DUT) must be able to provide the test mode signals as indicated in NBASE-T Physical Layer Specification version 1.1 Subclause 2.9.

Measurement Test mode
Maximum Output Droop Subclause, Test Mode 6 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Master Subclause, Test Mode 2 
Transmit Clock Frequency Subclause, Test Mode 2 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Slave Subclause, Test Mode 1 and Mode 3 
Transmitter Nonlinear Distortion Subclause, Test Mode 4, Tones 1-5 
Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) and Power Subclause, Test Mode 5 
Return Loss Subclause, Test Mode 5 
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