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Tektronix Option BRR automates compliance measurements for BroadR-Reach 1.2 specifications. Option BRR simplifies test setup and eliminates human error resulting in more rapid compliance testing of BroadR-Reach designs along with reduced human error due to instrument setup. Engineers working on BroadR-Reach can turn to Tektronix for their complete PHY testing solution needs including fixtures.

Key performance specifications
  • Automates the full range of compliance measurements for BroadR-Reach 1.2 specifications
  • Single instrument analysis of time- and frequency-domain measurements
  • Option BRR fixture provides a mechanism to add a disturbing signal, which is mandatory for performing distortion measurement and one of the most important measurements recommended by the specification
  • Software solution used on Windows 7-based scopes including MSO/DPO5K, DPO7K, and MSO/DPO70K, providing wide options to engineers working on this technology
Key features
  • BRR is a one-box solution, simplifying setup and providing a cost effective solution
    • When performing BroadR-Reach PHY layer testing, engineers can use an oscilloscope rather than a spectrum analyzer or a VNA (for PSD or return loss, for instance)
  • User-defined mode enables flexible parameter control for characterization and margin analysis
    • Measurements are grouped on signal types best suited for the measurement, which reduces user intervention
  • Design engineers can use many built-in reporting features such as appending the report, auto-incrementing the report, or including user comments, among others
  • Option BRR performs automatic signal validation before performing tests and throws an error if the signal does not meet acceptable limits


CTS Section Measurements Test Mode Limit
Min MaxUnits
5.4 Transmitter electrical specifications    
5.4.1  Transmitter output droopTest mode 1  45 %
5.4.2  Transmitter distortionTest mode 4  15 mv
5.4.3  Transmitter timing jitter - MasterTest mode 2  50 ps
5.4.3Transmitter timing jitter - SlaveTX_TCLK 150 ps
5.4.4Transmitter power spectral density (PSD)Test mode 5  -Mask hits
5.5.5  Transmit clock frequencyTest mode 2 66.663 66.7 MHz
8.0 Link segment characteristics    
8.2.2  Return lossTest mode 5  -Mask hits

Scope integration

Tektronix option BRR can be launched from the oscilloscope analyze menu.


Interactive plot

Option BRR is equipped with latest TekExpress interactive plot module. This feature lets you take a look at the signal after a test is performed. With this new plot module, you can move the cursors and find out the delta on the X and Y axes.


Return loss test

The return loss of the cabling system can also affect interoperability. The standards define the minimum amount of attenuation the reflected signal should have relative to the incident signal. The return loss test measures the impedance across 100 Ω.

Option BRR ingeniously performs the return loss test for 100 Ω impedances as prescribed by the standards, using the same tools such as oscilloscopes and AFG/AWG used for other tests, enabling efficient usage of resources.


Power spectrum density

The spectrum of an input signal is computed using built-in scope MATH functions. Post processing is done on the spectrum to arrive at the PSD. The computed PSD is then compared with the specification - lower and upper masks to arrive at the final result. Plots are available under plot section and screenshot of the plot is embedded in the final report.


Pass/Fail report

A summary report in .MHT (MHTML) format with Pass/Fail status is automatically generated after tests are complete. The report includes test configuration details, waveform plots, and margin analysis to provide more insight into your design.


Test fixtures

The TF-GBE-BTP test fixtures supports many of the ethernet compliance tests, providing convenient signal access, test points for accurate removal of disturbing signals, return loss calibration, and cross-connect circuits to connect to traffic generators and link partners.


Ordering Information

Option BRR
Order with MSO/DPO/70000, DPO7000, or MSO/DPO5000 oscilloscopes
DPOFL-BRR (Floating license)
Order with MSO/DPO/70000, DPO7000, or MSO/DPO5000 oscilloscopes
DPOFT-BRR (Floating trial)
Order with MSO/DPO/70000, DPO7000, or MSO/DPO5000 oscilloscopes
DPO-UP BRR (Upgrade)
Upgrade an existing MSO/DPO/70000, DPO7000, or MSO/DPO5000 oscilloscope
Option BRR solution
MSO/DPO5000, DPO7000, and MSO/DPO70000 Windows 7 oscilloscopes

For return loss - #2 P6248, P6247 (any model)

For all other measurements - #1 P6247, P6248, P6330, TDP1500, TDP3500, P7339, and P7350 (any model)

Signal source
AFG3102, AFG3252, AWG5000, and AWG7000
TF-GBE-BTP test package (consists of test fixture PCB set and RJ45 interconnect cable)
Other accessories

2 pair SMA cables

#3 SMA-BNC adapter

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