PSPL5543 Datasheet

PSPL5543 100 V Bias Tee Datasheet
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The PSPL5543 is an ultra-broadband, 500 mA current, coaxial bias insertion tee and 100 V DC blocking capacitor that passes high bandwidth pulses with very low waveform distortion. Its rise time is only 7 ps and its frequency response is flat over many decades from 20 kHz to beyond 50 GHz.

Key performance specifications
  • 25 kHz to >50 GHz
  • 7 ps rise time
  • 100 V, 500 mA
  • Available with 2.92 or 2.4 mm connectors

Typical performance

The following figures show the linear sweep from 40 MHz to 65 GHz. The AC connector is input (port 1) and the AC + DC connector is output (port 2). The PSPL5543 is configured with 2.4 mm connectors on the input and output.

The following figure shows the S21 insertion loss.


The following figure shows the S11 return loss.


The following figure shows the S22 return loss.



Parameter Symbol Units Minimum 1 Typical Maximum 1 Comments
Impedance Z ohms   50     
Upper 3 dB frequency fc,h GHz 40 
    2.92 mm option
2.4 mm option
Lower 3 dB frequency fc,l kHz   20     
Rise time tr ps     10 – 90%
Insertion loss
See S21 plot
S21 dB   See plot 2.92 mm f 2.4 mm f
Input (AC)
Return Loss
S11 dB 10  See plot   2.92 mm f 2.4 mm f
Output (AC+DC)
Return Loss
S22 dB See plot   2.92 mm f 2.4 mm f
DC voltage V V     100   
DC current I mA     500   
Capacitance C μF   0.2     
Inductance L mH   0.5     
Resistance R ohms   1.5     
RF power P W     Average power
Isolation S13 dB   > 30    f > 100 MHz
DC path bandwidth fc,DC kHz   22     
RF Connectors 2.4 mm jacks (f)
DC Connector Solder pin
Warranty One year

1 Maximum and minimum values are based on manufacturing test limits at 25 °C.

Mechanical dimensions

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