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Tektronix provides eleven paid holidays each calendar year, including at least one personal choice holiday.


Your vacation schedule is based on your length of service with the company. As a new associate, you'll receive three weeks vacation (15 days), pro-rated your first year, increasing to four weeks (20 days) after 5 years of service.

Time Off for Illness or Disability

Sick Time: Tektronix provides you with 5 paid sick days (40 hours) each year.

In cases where you need continued coverage for a longer illness or disability, we provide a Short Term Disability and a Long-Term Disability Plan.

Short Term Disability (STD): If you are sick or have a disabling condition which causes you to miss work for more than 7 calendar day, the STD Plan continues your pay for up to 25 weeks. You may use sick time or vacation time to cover the waiting period. This plan pays at 100% for the first 7 weeks then at 75% for the next 18 weeks. Automatic enrollment – no cost to the associate.

Long-Term Disability: If you are disabled beyond 26 weeks, The Long-Term Disability plan will pay 60% base pay, minus any Worker's Compensation or Social Security disability benefits. Optional benefit. Associate pays the cost for this coverage.

Time Off