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Quick EMI/EMC Pre-Compliance Tests for Bluetooth and ZigBee Standards

Want to trim time out of a crunched design cycle?  Add pre-compliance testing for EMI/EMC.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but doing a couple quick emissions tests before sending the device on to the test house can save you both time and money.  Most teams fail official compliance testing at the test house the first time.  Performing basic pre-compliance testing with inexpensive equipment in the lab can help teams catch problems early, saving them the time and expense of sending devices through multiple rounds of compliance testing at the test house.  This video blog shows you how to perform in-band emissions and spurious tests in the lab.  



This video blog shows you how to perform pass/fail tests using the CISPR, spurious, and spectrum emissions masks in the lab.



A little pre-compliance testing goes a long way to ensuring that you pass EMI/EMC compliance testing at the test house. Bluetooth standards testing and ZigBee radio testing can also be performed just as easily with the same equipment. Watch this video to learn how to perform parametric tests such as Modulation Quality, EVM, and set up a Spectrum Emissions Mask covered by the ZigBee standard, and download our Bluetooth Testing Poster for an easy to use reference.


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