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Innovation drives Tektronix awards success in 2017

Across the vast and diverse electronics industry, there’s one constant that has never changed from the very beginning: innovation is the key to success. For any tech company large or small to survive for long it must continually innovate. Innovation is the currency of this industry. And those who innovate the fastest, the most consistently and the most creatively achieve the greatest success.

In the entertainment industry creativity and innovation is celebrated by glitzy awards like the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. While the electronics industry may not have the same level of glamour, the competition for the awards that get handed out by various industry bodies and publications is every bit as fierce.

Tektronix believes in the power of innovation. Every year, we bring dozens of new products to market and many of them contain innovations that we believe are deserving of industry recognition. When the award season comes along, we do our part to highlight the innovations and make sure we’re part of the mix.

And then we wait. Are we a finalist? Did we win an award? It feels great to win and we typically bring home our fair share, which is a great testament to our product development teams. But some years, like 2017 as detailed below, we do exceptionally well. As you can see, the new 5 Series MSO – the result of the single biggest new product development effort in Tektronix’ history – managed to turn more than a few heads in the US and in Europe, winning five awards so far including two “Product of the Year” awards. But the 5 Series MSO wasn’t alone. Here’s the full list:



Award name: Product of the Year

Organizer: Electronic Products

Selection process: Winners selected by the publication’s editors

Criteria: A significant advance in technology or its application, innovation in design, or gain in price/performance

Winning Tektronix Product: 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope

More Information:https://news.tektronix.com/2018-01-04-Tektronix-5-Series-MSO-Named-Product-of-the-Year-by-Electronic-Products-Magazine



Award name: ACE Awards (Annual Creativity in Electronics)

Organizer: UBM, Design News, EE Times and EDN

Selection process: Readers select finalists; editors and panel of independent judge select winners

Criteria: Showcase for the best of the best in the electronics industry

Winning Tektronix Products: 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope

More information: https://news.tektronix.com/2017-12-15-Tektronix-5-Series-MSO-Wins-2017-UBM-ACE-Award-for-Test-and-Measurement-Innovation



Award name: EDN Hot 100 Products

Organizer: EDN

Selection process: Winners determined by EDN readers and editors

Criteria: Innovation, usefulness and popularity

Winning Tektronix Products:

5 Series MSO mixed-signal oscilloscope

AWG5200 arbitrary waveform generator

BSX BERTScope BER testers

PAM4 transmitter analysis software

HSSLTA 100 GbE Link-Training option for high-performance DPO70000SX oscilloscope

Keithley S540 power semiconductor test system

TTR500 USB-based vector network analyzer

More information: https://news.tektronix.com/2017-12-15-Tektronix-Honored-with-Seven-EDN-Hot-100-Products-of-2017-in-Test-Measurement-Category



Award name: Elektra 2017 Test Product of the Year

Organizer: Electronics Weekly (UK)

Selection process: Independent panel of judges

Criteria: Innovation and industry impact

Winning Tektronix Product: 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope

More information: https://news.tektronix.com/press-releases?item=123577



Award name: Elektronik Product of the Year Awards

Organizer: Elektronik Magazine (Germany)

Selection process: Magazine’s readers

Criteria: Innovation, value to users

Winning Tektronix Product: TBS2000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

More information: https://news.tektronix.com/Tektronix-Wins-Prestigious-Product-of-the-Year-Award



Award name: Mesures Palmares Technologique

Organizer: Mesures Magazine (Germany)

Selection process: Magazine’s readers

Criteria: Innovation, value to users

Winning Tektronix Product:  5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope

Special Mention: TBS2000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

More information: https://www.mesures.com/instrumentation/mesure-physique/item/14537-exclusif-decouvrez-les-laureats-des-palmares-technologiques-2017