Radar und elektronische Kampfführung

Leistung, Präzision und Einblick in Ihr Radardesign.

Die Entwicklung effektiver elektronischer Gegenmaßnahmen für Bedrohungen aus der Radar- und elektronischen Kampfführung ist eine schwierige und herausfordernde Aufgabe.  Von Breitbandradarimplementierungen bis zu Überwachung und Bandfehlerbeseitigung benötigen diese Anwendungen ständig mehr Umsicht.  Inhalte und Werkzeuge von Tektronix bieten Kenntnisse und innovative Lösungen zur Bewältigung dieser Herausforderungen.  Erfahren Sie, wie Sie zuvor unsichtbare Signalaspekte betrachten können und wie Reize und Umweltfaktoren mit beeindruckender Treue reproduziert werden können. So gewinnen Sie den nötigen Einblick, um die Fähigkeiten Ihres Systems zu steigern, Ihren Entwicklungszyklus zu verkürzen und Ihrer endgültigen Entwicklung zu vertrauen.


Advanced Radar Analysis: Tools for Measuring Modern Radar Application Note

With today’s rapid advances in radar technology, developing and manufacturing highly specialized and innovative electronic products to detect radar signals takes leading-edge technology and tools. Tektronix innovative test equipment reduces testinguncertainty during the design process and delivers confidence in the integrity of increasingly complex designs. Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Real-time Spectrum Analyzers and High-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes offer the capabilities you need to manage the requirements of modern radar applications.

AN Using an AWG For Threat Generation

AN Using an AWG For Threat Generation

Noise Figure: Overview of Noise Measurement MethodsMeasuring the noise contributions of circuit elements, in the form of noise factor or noise figure is an important tasks for RF and microwave engineers. This paper, along with its associated appendices presents an overview of noise measurement methods, with detailed emphasis on the Y-factor method and its associated measurement uncertainties.
Tektronix and X-COM Systems Platform Provide Unique Capabilities for RF Signal Capture and Analysis

The Tektronix RSA5000B and RSA6000B real-time spectrum analyzers and X-COM’s IQC5000A RF capture recorded playback system provide an excellent solution for challenging defense applications.

Creating Signals That Look Real to Radar

What's the best solution to help you create complex radar test signals at the highest frequencies? Our new application note, “Radar Signal Generation with a High-Performance AWG,” answers that question and explains much more.

SignalVu-PC Demonstration Guide (with Stored Signals) – Bringing the Benefits of Wideband Vector Signal Analysis to your PC

Understand the benefits of SignalVu-PC Offline Vector Signal Analysis Software when using stored files from supported Tektronix Real-Time Signal Analyzers or Oscilloscopes.

Fundamentals of Radar Measurements

This primer addresses the needs for pulse generation and measurements, the automated measurements that are available, and explains how the automated measurements are made as well as how pulses are generated.

Detecting Drones Using a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Flying drones can be fun. For RC and photography enthusiasts, a drone is a source of entertainment, and with a camera attached, provides breathtaking birds-eye views. For commercial and first responder purposes, a drone can be a valuable asset for information and increase productivity. However, when a drone is operating where it shouldn’t, the potential ramifications can be catastrophic and costly. For these situations, organizations need real-time, accurate, simple to operate and cost-effective solutions for detecting drones flying in or near restricted airspace. In this application note, we’ll discuss the basics for detecting a drone with a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and how networking multiple Spectrum Analyzers together can create an automated drone detection system with 24/7 monitoring capabilities. 

Emission Control, Radiation Hazards, and the Value of Intelligent RF Sensing for These Applications

In this whitepaper, we will discuss electromagnetic radiation, EMCON and the three forms of RADHAZ. We’ll conclude with a discussion of how incorporating a USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, such as Tektronix’ RSA500 series, can assist in identifying EMCON violations and mitigating RADHAZ risks.

Understanding Radar Signals Using Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

This Primer will cover measurements methods, choosing your measurement parameters, how to find the pulse, estimating the carrier frequency and phase, timing measurements, frequency and phase measurements and chirp measurements.

Learn how 5 and 6 Series MSO Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes and the optional embedded…


The MDO’s wide band architecture for RF signal monitoring can augment or replace…


Justin Panzer provides an overview of the key applications that were demonstrated…


Tackle today's high-speed serial signals and tomorrow's too with the scalable…


For 70 years Tektronix has served our military and government partners with an…


Application Engineer Alan Wolke shows basic vector signal properties of a 10.5…


RSA5100B has the widest Real Time Bandwidth available today. The RSA provides…


Generating signals to recreate complex environments can feel…

Techniques for Validating Electronic Countermeasures

The webinar examines approaches for validating Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) systems using the Tektronix Real Time Spectrum Analyzers such as the RSA5100B and RSA7100A.

Conquering Radar Signal Generation

Let us help you decode radar signal generation with our informative webinar.

Conquering Wideband Radar

Are you trying to build high fidelity wideband signal environments? Are you struggling to pick up on notoriously difficult to detect wideband signals? This webinar will focus on the challenges related to the adoption of wideband radar and techniques to master them. This hour long webinar features Tektronix expert Bill Byrom, who will share his insights on the key factor to consider when simulating and analyzing wideband signals.

Making Modern Radar Measurements the Easy Way

At one time, radar measurements could be performed using an oscilloscope for time domain, and a spectrum analyzer for frequency domain parameters. As radars became more and more complex, the measurements also became more complex. To perform today's measurements the easy way, test instrumentation needs to include automatic measurement techniques that are focused on today's radars.


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