Where can I find manuals for old Tektronix oscilloscopes?


If you are looking for manuals, data sheets or software for a discontinued product, click Product Support to search if the content is available on If you are searching for a manual and did not find it, it may have been a printed-only copy.

There are third-party Web sites that have either collected or scanned some of the older printed manuals and have made them available.  You can check these links for possible copies of the old printed manuals.1


- The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Mirror


Note 1: Tektronix is not in a position to represent that manuals provided by these third-party Web sites will be complete and contain all updates. Nor can we represent that a particular manual supports a customer's specific product because of different versions of a product. We supply these links as possible sources for manuals without any endorsement or recommendation.

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