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Introduction to Vector Network Analyzers Basics
This paper discusses why VNAs are used and how they are unique compared to other RF test equipment. We'll define S-Parameters, the fundamental VNA measurement, and how best to use them when evaluating your Device-Under-Test or DUT. We'll review...
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25 Apr 2017
You Can Now Afford to Add a VNA to Your Bench
Now every RF bench can have a vector network analyzer.The new Tektronix TTR500 series 2 port, 2 path VNA brings an unmatched combination of measurement performance, convenient compact form factor and reliability -- all at a 40% lower price than...
24 Apr 2017
Vector Network Analyzer Fundamentals
Poster that shows types of measurement errors, Basic VNA operation, Smith chart basics, Common S-parameter names, VNA calibration methods and more.
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13 Apr 2017
Overcoming RF Signal Generation Challenges with New DAC Technologies
This technical white paper covers the use of an AWG for RF signal generation. Topics include:Introduction to microwave complex signal generatorsHigh-speed DACs with digital complex modulatorsDirect signal generation in the higher order Nyquist...
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12 Apr 2017
Overcoming RF Signal Generation Challenges in Quantum Computing with New DAC Technologies White Paper
In this document, we cover important AWG features for direct RF complex signal generation followed by a discussion on two architectural techniques that can be implemented externally to further expand the frequency coverage of the instrument with a...
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12 Apr 2017
Understanding the Transition to Gen4 Enterprise & Datacenter I/O Standards
This whitepaper provides important information about adaptive equalization and link training, the impact of forward error correction (FEC) on compliance testing, debugging protocol handshaking and physical layer issues and new trends in channel...
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2 Mar 2017
Simplifying MOSFET and MOSCAP Device Characterization e-Guide
This e-guide answers some common questions about making better semiconductor measurements, with a focus on DC I-V and capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements. It also touches on more specific applications and how you can simplify making the...
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28 Feb 2017
Interference Hunting Application Note
Spectrum managers and anyone charged with tracking down souces of interference are dealing with noise due to the "interference of things." This means that traditional interference hunting tools - primarily the swept tune spectrum...
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15 Feb 2017
Upgrade Your 4200-SCS System and Protect Your Invesment
Upgrade your 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer to the 4200A-SCS - the industry's highest performance analyzer - and accelerate I-V, C-V, and ultra-fast pulsed I-V testing of your complex devices for materials research, semiconductor device design, process...
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1 Feb 2017
Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Case Study
Tektronix IsoVu measurement systems help Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions significantly shorten development time for new GaN device.
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10 Nov 2016